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Your Moment

Making a barista a Nero Star is a special moment to celebrate. When you give a barista your Nero Star token, it would be amazing if you could take a photo and share it with us. It means we can show everyone. People love pictures (some baristas have been known to frame theirs), and we post them all around our Head Office.

It also makes a difference to hear why you have been awarded your token to your chosen barista, and how they went above and beyond. We read these out to everyone at Nero.

Have a look through our Gallery below for some inspiration on how to capture your Nero Star moment.

If you've been unsuccessful this year, we’d still love to hear from you. See below on how to get in touch.

Show your barista how much you appreciate them and make it a moment to remember...

Take a picture of your barista making coffee, or why not be in the picture yourself? Take a selfie, or get creative with a fancy filter. Maybe it's more than just a single barista – if you want to appreciate the whole team, tell us why.

Just remember to keep your picture landscape and have fun!